Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dominican Patriots: We need a better Dominica now

By Gabriel Christian

Gabriel Christian
Gabrriel Christian Esq is a distinguished US attorney and national of Dominica.

To Matt Peltier: Thanks for allowing Dr. Sam Christian on your program on March 31, 2009. Thanks for standing up for freedom and democracy in our occupied country; one which is ruled by puppets of the money changers, fly by nights, those who come bearing gifts but who harbor designs on our land, water and other natural resources; those who give comfort to crooks.

Thanks for standing up for law and order in our increasingly lawless country, where the Government is so saddled with scandal it cannot even ensure the law courts do right by bringing justice to brazen murderers.

Where Integrity in Public Office legislation is written to cover up misdeeds in office - not uncover them. Where, but for Lennox Linton and intrepid reporters like yourself, our people would be blinded to the misconduct of our leaders, or the law suit in Tortola. Thanks for strengthening the tradition of a free press in Dominica, and may it be ever so.

We are Natural Resource Nationalists:

We have heard it said we are sour because we insist that our geothermal resources should be owned by and for Dominicans - not foreign concerns who disregard our national interest. We have never asked for contract for ourselves.

At all times we requested a national option; one where the Government and people of the Commonwealth of Dominica were primary in control of said resources and where our nation and people would reap the primary benefit.

We are natural resource nationalists and proud of it. We, of A Better Dominica, believe that the resources of Dominica should be owned by the people of Dominica for the benefit of the people of Dominica.

When we look at the actions of this Government re aggregate, geothermal and business ownership control it is clear that they do not believe as we do, and are patriotic only with words.

Their conduct benefit themselves and the few who can pay them. In eight years where is the new Dominican business ownership class or captains of industry? All we see is a blatant pattern of hand-outs to make our people beggars and minions; fit only to do the bidding of those who seek to perpetuate themselves in political power. We cannot build a country based on the ideology of beggarism.

We believe in Dominica first, and natural resource nationalism. We welcome guests, and assistance, but all must be premised on mutual respect and mutual interest: we do not believe in secret or one sided deals. We believe in good and transparent governance and our people controlling the commanding heights of our economy. Our every effort to put business ownership into the hands of local people have been met with lies, treachery and obstacles.

You speak of independence and spent millions on independence celebration, while – by stealth – the country is falling into foreign hands. Who are you fooling, Sir? To this bankrupt regime we say: By your actions you shall be known.

As with Washway, Dr. Shillingford, Severin McKenzie, Dr. Sam and others at home and abroad, we shall place our record of civic duty alongside all others to show we have meant well for our people not our selfish interest.

We are prepared to put our record of service to our country alongside anyone else; and challenge them to find that "sour grapes" is part of our legacy. The list of achievements and contribution by the Dominica Diaspora in Europe, N. America and within the region is long and covers many decades. As example see list of achievements small and large of the Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences

When they attack me, personally as one government agent did on March 31, 2009, I respond not with idle words but a legacy of deeds which favored the freedom and prosperity of our people:

1. in 1975-1976 - Organized work crew for the Didier Lane Community Center. Today, it is still standing.

2. Deputy Headboy at DGS who organized classrooms for Rosie Douglas to found the Dominica Cuba Friendship Society in 1976. Our legacy is still standing.

3. President of the Dominica Federation of Students and Headboy at Sixth Form College who led the students to Grandbay to vote in Pierre Charles as NYC President in 1977. That legacy is still standing.

4. In 1978, alongside Pierre Charles, led the student portion of the delegates to the 11th World Festival of Youth and Students to Havana and so opened the way for relations which allowed for hundreds of Dominicans to study in Cuba up to this day. We were detained and searched by Patrick John's Government on our return, even though we had sent his wife Desiree to Cuba for medical assistance. That legacy is still standing

5. In 1982 founded Frontline Cooperative Bookstore with Eddie "Izzar" Toulon and others and became the Cooperative's first President. Having difficulties, but Frontline Bookstore is still standing.

6. From 1982-1999 - Served in various positions with the Dominica Association of Washington DC, to include being its President, during the years of the Freedom Party's and UWP rule--yet worked unceasingly with other Dominicans of different political views to include Prime Minister Eugenia Charles to send thousands of dollars in food aid, books, medical supplies and promote tourism for Dominica - to include a $50,000 grant for AIDS from the Bill Gates Foundation education during the UWP in collaboration with Minister Doreen Paul.

7. In 1992 co- founded Pont Casse Press with Judge Irving Andre and authored and co-authored five books on Dominica's history and literature - and facilitated the publication of 1/2 dozen more books by other Dominican authors.

8. Co-founded the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences with brother Raglan Riviere now under the leadership of Dr. Clayton Shillingford and other brilliant patriots who love Dominica and render much financial and material assistance to our homeland.

9. I mention our efforts to revive of the Dominica Cadet Corps . It continues to grow and serve our youth

10. Co-founded the Dominica Sustainable Energy Corporation with Bevin Etienne, Dexter Newton, Dr. Fontaine, Gilbert Prevost, Jerome Austrie, Ginel Prevost, Mahala Shillingford, Washway Douglas, and others and brought down the first modern wind turbine during 2002 for Operation Energy Emancipation.

We also did the first modern wind study for a wind farm and the government did not work with us to make that a reality.

I have to mention these facts because some seek to dismiss our own sons and daughters of the soil in favor of crooked foreign representatives and mislead those who do not know the truth.

Dominicans: We Are Not Alone: The Diaspora is Rising

The Diaspora is rising to the defense of the homeland. We shall do our duty for A Better Dominica. Let none say, we deserted the country at this hour of need. All Dominicans, we ask you to rally to A Better Dominica. Spread the word, sound the call! We shall not be moved. We shall not turn back in this cause!

We are not alone. Many in the Diaspora have similar records of achievement and have assisted our country. We have not betrayed our country by going away to study. We have labored tirelessly to promote the homeland’s best interest.

We mean well, have presented by example a better international image for our country in culture, the professions and will uphold the dignity of the homeland and raise high its banner in victory.

The Dominica we desire is not one where we are dogs, serfs, slaves, peons or spectators in our own land; dispossessed such as the Tibetans and others have been. We are a small people but we have pride in what is ours and we shall fight to preserve it!

Where is the China MOU Mr. Prime Minister? Make it public! What is the CMC Plan for Portsmouth Mr. Prime Minister? Make it public! Where is the geothermal contract Mr. Prime Minister? Make it public! Where is the Diaspora Policy Document, Mr. Prime Minister?

You have refused to even acknowledge it! Utter disrespect to your own brothers and sisters, yet you have time to respond to e-mails from those who have you and our country enmeshed in scandal and law suits. Why Sir? This behavior was not necessary. You know we tried our best to work with you, and your Cabinet, at all times until you abandoned good sense and patriotic commitment.

Let us never betray good sense or the homeland. These times demand proud, boys, girls, men and women who will hold all our leaders in and out of power accountable - especially those we elect. They are our servants not our masters. And this rude, arrogant, dishonest, dismissive and secretive manner of rule must come to an end.

We Worked with All Governments where the National Interest is Concerned

So now we are attacked and maligned for standing for truth and supporting the national interest of our denied people. Despite the position of Ms. Charles on Cuba and those who were left wing, we worked with her government on matters of national development.

Despite the fact we were not supporters of the UWP, we worked with Prime Minister James and Ron Green on matters of national development. We never turned our back on Dominica. Today, because we seek truth and A Better Dominica, some agents of the regime attack us.

However, our record of working with Dominicans of all political stripes and colors to promote local control of our natural resources, respect for our national culture, dignity and identity is beyond reproach. We are conscious that we desire nothing more than a just and better destiny for our country; our consciences are clear. Can our present leaders say the same?

Together with our grassroots people, all our lives have been one of the pursuit for A BETTER DOMINICA which began when we were teenagers. We are not self serving political grasshoppers, clowns, traitors to our country's best hopes or political acrobats.

Dominicans deserve better than that; for while we may be poor in means it is only so because we have failed to do better. As an intelligent and God fearing people, patriotic and wise, we can and must do better because we deserve better - those of us who are born of the brave Kalinago and African warriors - commingled with the blood of brave social democrats of European hue such as Phyllis Shand Alfrey.

Inspired by the leadership of Jaco, Balla, Congoree, Rawle, Loblack, LeBlanc, Rosie, Pierro - and yes Ms. Charles too - because she had dignity too! Yes, we shall rise and take our rightful place as defenders and builders of our homeland.

We mean what we say and we do what we mean. We have never believed in lying to the masses or bribing them with trinkets such as some of our ancestors did who sold us into slavery. All our lives we have struggled for a free, just and prosperous country and we shall do so till our dying breathe.

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  1. As I read your diatribe I wonder, are you giving
    the citizens of Dominica,in the spirit of Barak
    Obama,a more hopeful discourse?or the same gutter
    politics that has been plaguing Dominica for way
    too long.In the changing political landscape, it is going to take enlightened leadership to bridge the political divide.Bringing people
    together should be in the interest of everyone.